Centreville Dance Academy

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Recital Tickets 2018!


CDA Recital tickets will now be ordered and paid for online! No more forms to fill out or envelopes to mail...our online form will be available for you, your family, and friends soon.

On-line ticket orders will begin early April!

Coming soon...

How Do I Know This Form Is Secure?

CDA takes security online very seriously. Since the above form is embeded in our site, the lock may not appear in your browser window, but rest assured that we have done all our homework and that all data submitted will still be sent through industry-standard, strong SSL encryption.

For those that are security minded or just plain curious, you may read up on Wufoo's excellent security measures.

If you would prefer to directly use our form with the lock icon visible in your browser bar, then you may submit your order through our secure Wufoo.com account here: Coming Soon...

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