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Recital 2017!

This is your on-line destination for everything you need to know about Recital 2017. Here you will find information about tickets, costumes, picture/rehearsal/performance schedules, and order forms. Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information as we get closer to recital.

Recital 2017 - Class Show Assignments

Below you will find the day and time for your child's recital performance. Find your child's class and time and to the right you will find the Recital Show and time they will be performing in. Detailed information will be handed out in May that includes rehearsal, arrival, and picture days and times.

Class Class Time Dance Names(s) Recital Show Teacher Costume
2's Class Tues 10:30 Stuffy The Great Sat 2 Ms. Brooke
2's Class Tues 5:00 Stuffy The Great Sun 2:30 Ms. Brooke
3's Class Mon 4:45 Rubber Ducky Sun 2:30 Ms. Tiffany
3's Class Sat 10:30 Fish Dance Sat 2 Ms. Brooke
3's & 4's Class Tues 10:00 The Love We Share (Ballet)
Tiger's Gotta Bounce (Tap)
Sun 2:30 Ms. Molly
3's & 4's Class Wed 10:30 If I Knew You Were Coming (Ballet)
On The Road Again (Tap)
Sun 5:30 Ms. Kathy
3's & 4's Class Thur 10:30 Something There (Ballet)
Second Star To The Right (Tap)
Sat 6 Ms. Tiffany
3's & 4's Class Thur 5:45 Jolly Holiday (Ballet)
Spoon Full Of Sugar (Tap)
Sun 5:30 Ms. Tiffany
4's Class Mon 5:45 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Ballet)
Good Day Sunshine (Tap)
Sat 4 Ms. Tiffany
4's Class Sat 10:00 The Glow (Ballet)
Rise and Shine (Tap)
Sat 6 Ms. Kim
4's & 5's Class Mon 3:45 Bippity Bobbity Boo (Ballet)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Tap)
Sun 2:30 Ms. Allison
4's & 5's Class Sat 11:00 Sh'boom (Ballet)
At The Hop (Tap)
Sat 2 Ms. Kathy
Pre-Ballet Wed 5:00 Coppelia Sat 6 Ms. Kathy
5's Class Thur 5:45 I Want You Back (Jazz)
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Tap)
Sun 5:30 Ms. Allison
5's Class Sat 10:30 Dancing In the Street (Jazz)
Rockin Robin (Tap)
Sat 2 Ms. Tiffany
5's & 6's Class Tues 6:45 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Jazz)
Over the Rooftop (Tap)
Sun 2:30 Ms. Molly
5's & 6's Class Wed 4:45 Locomotion (Tap)
Space Jam (Jazz)
Sat 6 Ms. Allison
5's & 6's Class Thur 6:45 Do You Love Me (Jazz)
Big Girls Don't Cry (Tap)
Sun 5:30 Ms. Tiffany
6's Class Mon 4:45 Rock Around The Clock (Jazz)
Blue Suede Shoes (Tap)
Sat 4 Ms. Brooke
6's Class Thur 5:45 Turn the Beat Around (Jazz)
Sir Duke (Tap)
Sun 5:30 Ms. DeBorah
6's Class Sat 10:00 Let's Get Ready to Rumble (Jazz)
Mr. Postman (Tap)
Sat 6 Ms. Allison
Acro 5-7 Mon 6:45 Upside Down Sat 4 Ms. Shannon
Acro 5-7 Wed 6:45 Don't Worry, Be Happy Sun 2:30 Ms. Shannon
Acro Mon 5:45 Girls Just Want To Have Fun Sat 2 Ms. Shannon
Acro Mon 7:45 Hey Mickey Sat 6 Ms. Shannon
Acro Wed 7:45 Happy Sun 5:30 Ms. Shannon
Ballet A Mon 4:45 Skater's Waltz Sun 5:30 Ms. Becky
Ballet A/B Sat 9:00 Princess Waltz Sat 4 Ms. Kim
Ballet B Tues 6:45 Emancipation Sun 2:30 Ms. Laura
Ballet B Wed 5:45 Alice Sat 2 Ms. Kathy
Ballet B Thur 4:45 Versailles Sun 2:30 Ms. Jenny
Ballet C Thur 4:45 March Of The Wooden Soldiers Sat 6 Ms. Kathy
Ballet D Wed 4:45 Aurora Sun 5:30 Ms. Brooke
Ballet E Thur 5:45 Over The Rainbow Sun 2:30 Ms. Jenn
Ballet F Tues 5:45 Forest Sun 2:30 Ms. Brooke
Ballet G Tues 6:45 Emperor Waltz Sat 4 Ms. Brooke
Ballet I Mon 6:45 Paint It Black Sun 2:30 Ms. Becky
Ballet J Wed 6:45 2001 Space Odessy Sun 5:30 Ms. Kathy
Beginning Ballet Mon 6:45 Pie Or Streudel Sat 4 Ms. Kathy
Beginning Ballet Thur 6:45 Daydream Believer Sat 4 Ms. Jenn
Teen Ballet Sat 11:00 Serenade For Strings Sun 2:30 Ms. Kim
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Thur 7:45 Yellow Sun 5:30 Ms. Jenn
Lyrical E Thur 6:45 Imagine Sun 2:30 Ms. Devin
Lyrical F Tues 6:45 How Far I'll Go Sun 2:30 Ms. Kathy
Lyrical G Tues 7:45 Our Corner Of The Universe Sat 4 Ms. Becky
Lyrical I Mon 7:45 Something To Believe In Sun 2:30 Ms. Brooke
Lyrical J Wed 7:45 Open Hands Sun 5:30 Ms. Tiffany
Pointe Mon 5:45 Polivitsian Dance Sat 2 Ms. Kathy
Hip Hop 1 Wed 7:45 Ain't Your Momma Sat 4 Ms. DeBorah
Hip Hop 1 Thur 4:45 Super Jerkin Sun 2:30 Ms. DeBorah
Hip Hop 1 Thur 6:45 Hair Up Sun 5:30 Ms. DeBorah
Hip Hop 1 Sat 11:00 Motown Philly Sat 6 Ms. Allison
Hip Hop 2 Mon 4:45 Salute Sun 2:30 Ms. Allison
Hip Hop 2 Wed 6:45 The Boogie Outasight Sun 5:30 Ms. DeBorah
Hip Hop 3 Tues 6:45 Shooting Star Sat 2 Ms. Maggie

Coming Soon...

Hip Hop 4 Tues 7:45 Shining Sat 6 Ms. Maggie

Coming Soon...

Jazz 1 Mon 4:45 Supernova Girl Sat 6 Ms. Jenny
Jazz 1 Wed 5:45 Uptown Girl Sun 5:30 Ms. Allison
Jazz 2 Tues 4:45 Land of 1000 Dances Sat 2 Ms. Kathy
Jazz 2 Wed 6:45 Come On Get Up Sun 2:30 Ms. Laura
Jazz 3 Wed 4:45 Rock and Roll Radio Sat 6 Ms. Jenny
Jazz 4 Mon 5:45 Get Happy Sun 5:30 Ms. Brooke
Jazz 5 Wed 5:45 Cooler Than Me Sun 2:30 Ms. Laura
Jazz 6 Thur 5:45 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Sat 4 Ms. Devin
Jazz 7 Thur 4:45 All That Jazz Sun 2:30 Ms. Tiffany
Jazz 8 Tues 5:45 It's All Coming Back Sun 5:30 Ms. Maggie

Coming Soon...

Beginning Jazz Tues 5:45 We Go Together Sun 5:30 Ms. Kathy
Beginning Jazz Sat 10:00 You Can't Stop The Beat Sat 4 Ms. Kathy
Intermediate Jazz Tues 7:45 One Dance Sun 2:30 Ms. Kathy
Beginning Musical Theatre Wed 6:45 What You Want Sun 2:30 Ms. Brooke
Intermediate Musical Theatre Thur 7:45 Footloose Sat 6 Ms. Devin
Jazz Hip Hop Mon 5:45 Hair Up Sat 2 Ms. Allison
Jazz Hip Hop Tue 5:45 Can't Touch This Sat 6 Ms. Molly
Dance Team/Pom 12+ Thur 4:45 Motown Mix Sun 2:30 Ms. Heidi

Coming Soon...

Modern 9-11 Tue 5:45 Clocks Sat 2 Ms. Becky
Modern 12+ Mon 7:45 Brotsjor Sun 5:30 Ms. Becky
Tap 1 Wed 4:45 Witch Doctor Sun 5:30 Ms. Tiffany
Tap 2 Tues 5:45 Devil With A Blue Dress Sat 2 Ms. Heidi
Tap 2 Wed 5:45 Car Wash Sun 2:30 Ms. Tiffany
Tap 3 Wed 5:45 Meet The Flintstones Sat 6 Ms. Heidi
Tap 4 Mon 6:45 Jump, Jive N' Wail Sun 5:30 Ms. Tiffany
Tap 5 Wed 6:45 Knock on Wood Sun 2:30 Ms. Heidi
Tap 6 Thur 6:45 Boots Are Made For Walkin' Sat 4 Ms. Heidi
Tap 7 Thur 5:45 No Swinggity Sun 2:30 Ms. Heidi
Tap 8 Tues 4:45 I'll Be There For You Sun 5:30 Ms. Heidi
Beginning Tap Tues 4:45 C'mon Everybody Sun 5:30 Ms. Molly
Beginning Tap Sat 9:00 September Sat 4 Ms. Heidi
Intermediate Tap Tues 6:45 The Greatest Medley Ever Told Sun 2:30 Ms. Heidi
Adult Ballet Wed 7:45 Piano Man Sun 5:30 Ms. Kathy  
Adult Tap Tues 7:45 1990's Medley Sat 6 Ms. Heidi  
CDT - A Bushel And A Peck Fri 4:30 A Bushel And A Peck Sat 6 Ms. Heidi
CDT - All Shook Up Fri 4:30 All Shook Up Sat 6 Ms. Brooke
CDT - Better When I'm Dancing Fri 4:30 Better When I'm Dancing Sat 4 Ms. Kathy
CDT - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Fri 4:30 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Sun 2:30 Ms. Tiffany
CDT - Every Heart Fri 4:30 Every Heart Sun 2:30 Ms. Brooke
CDT - Great Balls Of Fire Fri 4:30 Great Balls Of Fire Sat 2 Ms. Heidi
CDT - HandClap Fri 4:30 HandClap Sat 2 Ms. Maggie
CDT - High Fri 4:30 High Sat 6 Ms. Heidi
CDT - Katy Fri 4:30 Katy All Shows Tiffany, Brooke, Heidi
CDT - Life Is A Highway Fri 4:30 Life Is A Highway Sat 6 Ms. Kathy
CDT - Love Shack Fri 4:30 Love Shack Sat 6 Ms. Maggie
CDT - Mango Tree Fri 4:30 Mango Tree Sat 4 Ms. Tiffany
CDT - MJ Fri 4:30 MJ All Shows Ms. Heidi
CDT - My Boyfriends Back Fri 4:30 My Boyfriends Back Sat 6 Ms. Brooke
CDT - Nicest Kids In Town Fri 4:30 Nicest Kids In Town Sat 4 Ms. Kathy
CDT - Pop 101 Fri 4:30 Pop 101 Sun 2:30 Ms. Maggie
CDT - Rise Up Fri 4:30 Rise Up Sat 2 Ms. Heidi
CDT - River Fri 4:30 River Sat 4 Ms. Tiffany
CDT - Shake The Room Fri 4:30 Shake The Room Sat 2 Ms. Tiffany
CDT - She Bangs Fri 4:30 She Bangs Sat 6 Ms. Heidi
CDT - Stronger Fri 4:30 Stronger Sat 2 Ms. Kathy
CDT - Summer Of Love Fri 4:30 Summer Of Love Sat 6 Ms. Brooke
CDT - You Don't Have To Let Go Fri 4:30 You Don't Have To Let Go Sat 4 Ms. Tiffany

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