Centreville Dance Academy

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About Our Dance Studio

Centreville Dance Academy is a family friendly studio. We have a dedicated staff that shares a common passion for teaching the art of dance. Our unique teaching style focuses on the student as an individual by not taking a one-style fits all approach to learning. We are always available to speak with parents regarding their child's dance education.

Everyone Is Welcome!

Our classes are designed to fit the needs of all dancers. Whether your child is aiming toward a college dance program, or just wants to add a bit of grace and poise into her life, your child has a place at CDA. We welcome children of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Safety First!

All of our classes are designed to be as safe as possible for the bodies of our students. Our sprung wooden floors absorb the shock and impact of regular dance movements. Each technique class includes a proper warm-up, and care is taken to prevent bad habits that could lead to future injuries.

Keep It Age-Appropriate!

We believe that all movements and costumes should match the ages of our dancers. We want your 6-year-old to look and dance like the beautiful 6-year-old that she is, not like a more mature dancer. We strive for a very tasteful family atmosphere.

Fun Is Hard Work!

We believe that learning to dance is a process, not an overnight event. Along the road, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to develop good dancing technique. Our classes are designed to be challenging to students while still being highly enjoyable and fun. As children get older and progress in our program, they can expect to work harder each year as their technique and skills improve.

Respect Is The Key!

At CDA, we strive for an atmosphere of respect. Our teachers show respect for our students by coming to class with successful lesson plans, and by lovingly and firmly making sure each student is fulfilling her personal potential. Our students are expected to respect their teachers by working hard and trying their best in all classes.

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